Each construction project whether a New build, Extension or Refurbishment presents a variety of design & technical challenges

COLDPLAN LIMITED always rises to the challenge and meets the stringent demands imposed by the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries, offering the following construction services:

Ambient, Chill & Freezer Cold Store Construction

From the initial site survey, Coldplan Limited strives to provide the end user with exactly what is required. We will offer money saving solutions to consider, which maybe in the Client’s initial thought process was not aware of all the possibilities.

The Design and Technical drawings provided by our experienced in-house team will provide the client with a comprehensive visual confirmation of the Cold storage facility that will be supplied and installed.

These drawings can then be agreed upon by all parties concerned, i.e. Client, Builder, Electrician, HVAC to enable the installation of the structure without delay, to budget and most importantly to meet all the requirements involved.

Food Factory Insulated Construction, Extension or Refurbishment

The purpose for all business decisions is to increase the profitability of that business in some manner. In the study, information is examined, the economics of the Client’s decision, the deciding factor, as to whether or not a business should proceed in a particular direction, should be if the foreseen benefits are greater than the foreseen costs.

This should be used to help the decision making process by performing a cost benefit analysis featuring the proposed action. Relevant information from the client is gathered in order to accurately project the financial implications of the proposed Cold store project. The study will highlight the important components of each project.

Pharmaceutical Chill Stores

Coldplan can design and install a wide variety of Temperature controlled insulated structures for Pharmaceutical storage.

Each having the clients specific requirements applied. These Coldstores have the facility to alter their temperature ranges between +2°C to +28°C giving them the ideal environment to cope with the wide temperature variations, enabling them to store different types of Pharmaceuticals suited to within these temperatures.

Laboratories & Clean rooms

Coldplan will design and construct your cleanrooms in a wide range of sizes and for a variety of different uses, in line with client specifications. Industries that require an environment where pollutants are minimal – including dust, aerosol particles and microbes – can benefit from our expertise.

A cleanroom has a controlled level of tainting that is indicated by the quantity of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule measure.

A cleanroom is a situation, ordinarily utilized as a part of assembling, including of pharmaceutical items or logical research, and in addition aviation semiconductor building applications with a low level of natural toxins, for example, tiny, airborne organisms, vaporized particles, and concoction vapours.

Acoustic & Fire Rated Enclosures

There are a number of ways we can assist you, with a service specifically for your upcoming Cold room project.

  • Estimating
  • Health & Safety
  • Accreditations supporting our credibility
  • BREAAM, Sustainability, Waste Management and ‘Green’ Issues
  • Project Management and Site Management Support
  • Contract/Tender evaluations, advice.

And the Installation of :

All leading composite panel systems

Coldplan Limited prides itself with the reputation that we have, as a result of providing a multitude of varied client’s with purpose built bespoke larger projects. We not only cater for the smaller Modular Cold rooms but also have many years of experience in the supply & installation of Insulated Refrigerated Food Production/Processing Facilities, Pharmaceutical temperature controlled environments, Clean rooms, Central Processing Units.

We work closely with a variety of clients from Major Airlines, Pharmaceutical Companies, right through to Restaurant Chains and Catering Houses.: Coldplan Limited prides itself with the reputation that we have, as a result of providing a multitude of varied clients with purpose built bespoke larger projects.

Refrigeration, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We pride ourselves in the ability to combine all our resources to enable and provide every client the smooth transition from initial enquiry all the way through to the handover of each project.

We make it possible to avoid the problems that can sometimes ensue regarding emails or phone requests relating to project planning.

Coldplan Limited simplifies and streamlines the process, ensuring every stage is allocated with appropriate approvals and notifications.

Mechanical & Electrical works

We minimize, plant and material costs. Minimize disruption on site during the installation process throughout. Harmonies with each client, providing them with the solutions to modify layout alternatives.

Promote the strategic processes in place to accurately maximize the client’s potential for Cold storage within their property/premises.

Combining all these increases the speed of operations and reduces waste and maximizes productivity.


A design specification is a detailed document providing information about a designed product or process.


We provide the client the design specification that includes all necessary drawings, dimensions, environmental factors, ergonomic factors, aesthetic factors and maintenance that will be required post installation & commissioning.

Are You Interested In Our Services?

Coldplan Limited provides a complete turnkey package. From the initial enquiry through to the final installation, we will provide all of your Refrigeration needs.

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Are You Interested In Our Services?

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Coldplan Limited provides a complete turnkey package. From the initial enquiry through to the final installation, we will provide all of your Refrigeration needs.

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