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Coldplan prides itself with only supplying & installing the very best Market Leading Refrigeration Systems.

We cater for a wide variety of systems from Remote Systems, Integral Monoblocks & Centrifugal systems.

If you have a noise issues regarding local residents we can solve this as our Refrigeration Units have one of the lowest dB(A) levels on the market. Listed building issues or lengthy pipe runs can be resolved by using Centrifugal Monoblocks or Centrifugal Remote systems.

Our specialty is designing the capacity and layout for larger multiple systems for Larger Projects, i.e Inverter Scroll units, Digital scroll Units and specially designed temperature range appropriate systems.

Danfoss Condensing Units
-Remote System

Remote or split systems as they are known, connected by interconnecting copper pipe work from where the outdoor unit (Condenser-Motor) is located to the desired (Evaporator -Fan/Blower) inside the coldroom. Necessary for high ambient working areas where Monoblocks are not suitable. Available in single & 3 phase applications. Ideal for locations near the sea due to using corrosion resistant microchannel heat exchangers and housing. The galvanized, painted and salt spray tested housing is used to ensure long lifetime.

  • Low Noise
  • Weatherproof Housing
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost effective & efficient
  • Compact Design

Wall Mounted Monoblocks

Monoblocks or Integral Units as they are known provide the client with a quick installation in lower ambient working conditions and no need for external condensing units to be sited, should there be a Residential Noise issue or lengthy pipe run issues.

Options available in Single & 3 phase:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Condensation control by pressure switch
  • Expansion by thermostatic valve
  • Defrosting by hot gas

Industral Monoblock

Ideal for the Larger Coldstores where external Noise issues may be a problem, or no external space available for siting a condensing unit.

Even lengthy pipe run issues resolved by choosing these fantastic units to optimise your Refrigeration requirements. Save time on installation.

Centrifugal Monoblock

Ideal alternative for areas where ambient air an issue. Lengthy pipe runs resolved by using these units. Added bonus of having warm air vented internally to assist warming other areas. Warm air vented using flexi-duct to other internal areas or if not conveniently vented outside. Ideal for residential areas where noise may be an issue.

Bitzer Eco Star LHV5 (Scroll Unit)

The components of the air cooled condensing units, which include efficient ECOLINE compressors.

EC fans and system-optimised condensing heat exchangers (mini-channel), are optimally coordinated and boast a compact and robust design, facilitating a whole host of applications with a large capacity range.

Can also be used with low-GWP refrigerants, making them future-proof.

I cool Inventer Scroll Units

Icool is a new generation of silent unit based on hermetic inverter compressor technology.

Giving the flexibility of compressor control from 15-100%

Suitable for small and medium sized applications such as multiple cabinets, Coldstores giving full flexibility, reliability and Energy savings for both HT and LT applications

Are You Interested In Our Services?

Coldplan Limited provides a complete turnkey package. From the initial enquiry through to the final installation, we will provide all of your Refrigeration needs.

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Are You Interested In Our Services?

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Coldplan Limited provides a complete turnkey package. From the initial enquiry through to the final installation, we will provide all of your Refrigeration needs.

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